Grand Central Market

General Information

317 South Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Type: Open-air Marget
Architect: John Parkinson
Built/Founded: 1917

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The Grand Central Market in Los Angeles is the oldest open-air market on the west coast. It has an early 1900's feel. Grand Central Market is one of the best places to visit if you want to experience the international diversity of Los Angeles. Grand Central Market has over 40 vendors selling fruit, vegetables, meat, spices and other items. There are also many informal restaurants thate offer many cuisines—including Thai, Chinese, Peruvian and Mexican—in the midst of sawdust floors.


Grand Central Market is on the ground floor of the Homer Laughlin Building. This building was built by Ohio entrepreneur Homer Laughlin. This was the first earthquake and fire proof building in Los Angeles. Hoper Laughlin Building was designed in the Beaux Arts style. It was the fifth building in the United States, and the first building west of Chicago, to use concrete floors. Originally built in 1897 by architect John Parkinson and further expanded in 1905 by architect Harrison Albright. The landmark Grand Central Market opened in 1917.

Through the years Grand Central Market has undergone many interior cosmetic changes, mostly as a means of keeping up with the mode of the day. A tile facade was added in the 1960's which hid a second story window. The Homer Laughlin Building and the Grand Central Market underwent a major renovation in the 1990s. As part of the restoration project, residential units were added thus creating a true mixed use of developments in Los Angeles. The exterior facade, however, has remained true to its heritage and is still a prime example of the architecture of a bygone era.

This location was chosen because of its proximity to the Angels Flight Railway. Originally, the wealthier people of Los Angeles rode the Angels Flight Railway for a penny down to the best open-air shopping in town. At the Market, there was wide range choices for small snacks to full meals. This is still true today.

Visitors Info

You can enter Grand Central Market from Broadway or Hill street. For the official site, click here.

Photo Tips

Besides a good place to eat, there are photographic opportunities for food, neon signs or of people going about their day to day business. You might need permission to photograph.


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